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Half Emirati announced at Gulf Film Festival

05 April 2013




‘Half Emirati’ is a documentary film by Emirati director Amal Al-Agroobi that explores the social implications of having one parent from the UAE and the other parent, of another nationality. Loved? Hated? Ignored? Accepted? Five of these individuals share their experiences and stories about what it is really like to be a “cocktail” Emirati, what society’s expectations are of them and how other people view individuals who are of two cultures.

Currently screening at:

Half Emirati will be screening at the Gulf Film Festival this April 11th 2013!


16/4/2013 14:00 – Grand Cinemas 6, Dubai Festival City


17/4/2013 15:00 – Grand Cinemas 8, Dubai Festival City



More details can be found on the Gulf Film Festival Website






Half Emirati will be screening at the Dubai Film Festival this December 9th 2012!


12/12/2012 15:30 – VOX cinema 12, Mall of the Emirates 


12/15/2012 21:15 – VOX cinema 6,    Mall of the Emirates 

 Tickets can be purchased at the Box Offices in Mall of the Emirates. More details on ticket sales can be found directly on the DIFF website. 


Interview with the Director: Amal Al-Agroobi

Q: How long did it take for you to make this film?

The shooting was at one location and only took a day. There was about a month of brainstorming and then a week or so of planning. The thing that took the most time was the post-production work.

Q: What inspired you to make Half Emirati?

I am half Emirati myself. I wanted to not only explore the different ideas and opinions regarding Half Emiratis out there but I wanted to introduce the UAE to a subject that hasn’t really been touched upon. I’ve been thinking about this film for quite some time and there’s still so much to say and cover but as it is my first film I thought it would be a great introduction.

Q: Do you plan to make any more documentary films?

Yes, of course. I’m currently working on a documentary about two autistic boys in the UAE and their journey through music therapy, the film is called “The Brain That Sings”. My co-director Hana Makki and I are trying to combat the stigma associated with children who have disabilities in this region of the world. We are currently at the fund-raising phase and are doing so through crowd-funding.


For more information or questions for Amal, please follow her on facebook or twitter


The Trailer


The Production Crew

Director                                             Amal Al-Agroobi

Producer                                            Amal Al-Agroobi, Hana Makki

Cinematographer                           John Kochanczyk

Editor                                                 Neda Ahmed

Colorist                                              Diane Kuo

Translator                                        Abdulla Isa Saif

Photographer                                  Abdulla Bin Touq


A big thanks to Optix Digital Studios, Dubai Media City for all the post-production support. Without their professionalism, patience and extreme support for young filmmakers, this film would not be the film it is today. The team would like to give a big thanks to Andreaa Gurbina, Raul Skopecz and the whole Optix team!


The Half Emiratis

Taghrid: Taghrid is a Half American. She is also the founder of the ‘Half Emirati’ facebook group that boasts 280 members!

Ali is half Indian. He enjoys writing and is currently a student at university

Yousef is half American

Lulu is half Filipina

Mohammed is half Egyptian and is a poet, artist and actor

Mohammed Fikree is half Malaysian and is an excellent animator and media enthusiast

Omar is half British; he does stand-up comedy in his free time

Maryam is only 3 years old, born to an Emirati mother and an Italian father

Abdulla is half Persian

Ali is half Filipino and has ambitions to become a doctor. He has an incredible singing voice!

Marwan is half Mexican and is interested in film production

Taleb is half American

Hassan is half Scottish-Egyptian and half Emirati. Here he is with his Emirati mother

Layla is also half American

Rayan is half Jordanian and interested in acting!