I Love UAE

Sarah Salem Art

Sarah Salem is an Emirati artist. Here are a few of her works which she hopes to sell.

Image 1: The Trash is a study of a pathway in brussels, drawing attention to an insignficant object placed in a space of buildings and trees. How many times has a person passed a trash bin and not stop to look at the potential beauty it holds. The trash design is specific to Europe and is created in a bring orange colour with contrasts its level of significance. how can something so unnoticed stand out so brightly. 

medium: oil paint/ paper/ ink size: unframed, trash is roughly A3 size

Price: 450 AED

Image 2: The Triptych embodies the essence of Francis Bacon, through the use of oil paints and canvas, each painting is a repetoire of deformed bodies captured in an enclosed space.

medium: oil paint scale: unframed, triptych 60×80 backed on white cardpaper

Price: Sold as a set at 2000 AED

or seperately for 750 AED each

Sarah would like to be contacted via email on: g00034272@aus.edu